30 Days Later: The 7 Most Important Aspects of Self Care

Well here we are, babes. September 30th, the final day of #SelfCareSeptember.

I find that I am both inspired and tired from this endeavor...exhilarated and exhausted. Daily blogging, as you can probably imagine has been quite an undertaking. I would be lying if I said that I did not actually forgo self care some days in order to facilitate my posts. However, the insights I have gained and the renewed relationship with myself that has resulted both from my commitment to my wellbeing and to my work have been more than transformative.

I thought long and hard about how to conclude this brief yet potent chapter in my life, and honor the journey that we have taken together. After much deliberation, I have chosen to complete this challenge by revisiting the posts I have shared, and compiling the things I consider to be the most prominent aspects of self care into one cohesive list. Rather than highlighting the activities themselves, I have decided to focus on the less tangible components that we must give great attention to in order to propel us forward into a truly powerful self care practice. So, without further adieu, Here are the 7 things that I have distinguished as being the most important aspects of practicing self care based on my 30 day self care journey. 

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Developing a Personal Ceremony: Cutting Energetic Cords

As human beings, we are naturally inclined to form attachments to people, places, and things that we cross paths with in our lives. We fall madly in love with reflections of ourselves and with sparks of divinity that the Universe meticulously interjects into our journeys. We become entangled and intertwined, consumed in the utter mess that is human connection. Attachments take many forms, but no matter how they manifest, they reside somewhere inside of us, imprinted on our beings, and they reappear unexpectedly, without permission. Your ex-lover's favorite song, a familiar smell, a sudden flash of a place you once were and the person you used to be...simple things that pull us back toward things we think we have released that are in fact holding onto us. The people come and go, we move from one city to another, we lose the things we hold dear. The evidence of the connection dissipates, but the energy of that bond lingers inside of us, grasping tightly to our heart strings, unwilling to let go. 

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Get a Fresh Start: 4 Powerful Ways to Detoxify Your Body Today

I am the absolute queen of fresh starts (#AllHailQueenMerhipsy). Purging is one of my favorite pastimes and I adore every chance I get to “start over”. New Moon, Full Moon, the first of the month, my birthday, New Year’s Eve…and even a Monday. If it’s the beginning of something new, I am all about it. I naturally gravitate towards rearranging my furniture, cleaning out my closest and donating clothes, and of course giving my house a good once-over quite regularly to get my fresh start fix…but what about giving our bodies a way to reset? 

Detoxing provides the body a window of time to rest the organs, stimulate and enhance liver function, improve circulation and refuel the body with proper nutrients. This is particularly importantfor our livers where toxins are processed for elimination.

We live in a world full of people using products all around us (and some we use ourselves) that are full of harsh chemicals and toxins. It’s pretty much a given that you will need to detox about once a month. 

But…where to begin? It can be so overwhelming and the internet is FULL of daunting information about how to start a detox. To help you out, I have outlined four simple detoxifying activities that you can gently partake in over the course of a few days or a weekend to get your body back on track. 

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Guest Blog: Experience Nutrition-- Intuitive Cooking & Eating for Self Care by Melanie Albert

Melanie Albert LOVES self care! And, she has been practicing and advocating self care for decades.  Self care is vital for life. Her personal self care menu includes:

  1. Practicing yoga
  2. Receiving a massage
  3. Cooking with my niece
  4. Going to an NFL football game or the Super Bowl
  5. Walking on my golf course

Within the last few years, she has added Intuitive Cooking and Eating to her self care menu. For tips on these practices as well as some delicious recipes from Melanie herself, read on!

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4 Things Every Sensitive Person Should Avoid

If I had a nickel for every time someone in my life called me "too sensitive," my bank account would put Donald Trump's to shame. However, I believe that Spirit has bestowed me with the the powerful responsibility of heightened sensitivity...and I am not alone. I know that there are MANY people out there like myself, and I am grateful for you as well! You know who you are. Together, we are an army of empaths--individuals who have been blessed with the honor of being finely tuned emotional instruments. 

Alas, this world was not designed for us. To honor our kind and celebrate your sweet soul, sensitive one, I have created this list as a gentle reminder of things to avoid to protect your being. Perhaps some of these are things that you already feel unfavorably towards. That's good! Honor your knowing and move forward toward things that create space and peace for you to be YOU!

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3 Ways to Connect to Nature, No Matter Where You Are

We are not the only beings who benefit from a strong bond with the natural world. When we feel connected to Earth as a spiritual being Herself, we are more inclined to care for Her and all of Her children. Our relationship to Earth is one of our most precious and overlooked connections we are capable of constructing. It is for this very reason that I have compiled a list of three easy, fun, and centering activities that can be done almost anywhere to help bring us all a little closer to our loving Earth Mother.  

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Guest Post: Being SELF-ish, not SELF-less as the Path To True Service by Ann Cabano

As an instructor at a local holistic college, I have the great honor of witnessing the path of many adult students learning HOW to become greater people of service to other human beings.

They enter the classroom with the distinct idea they will graduate as a ‘healer’ for other individuals. But instead, something I refer to as the ‘divine-bait-and-switch’ occurs; they actually learn that the only person they can heal is themselves! 

“You come first, be selfish” I tell them, carefully weaving this notion of self care into their subconscious.

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3 Ways to Move from Fear to Fierceness in the Face of Failure

The sting of failure is deep, and sometimes lasting. For some of us more than others, the highs and lows of life can tear turbulently through our lives like a tornado—and it can feel as though everything we loved and worked for has been destroyed in one foul and fatal blow. Whether it is the loss of a job, a business venture gone bust, or a relationship gone awry, it is easily to believe that the world is ending when things don’t pan out as we have planned. However, it serves us far better to step into accountability and decide to learn from the experience and root into the fertile soils of failure to grow up toward our purpose and power. Here are 3 tips for moving through fear and into fierceness in the face of failures. 

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It’s Not Okay to Walk Away…It’s Necessary: 10 Signs That it’s Time to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship

We all struggle with certain relationships in our lives. Whether it’s our boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sibling, or even parent, some of our closest relationships grow into our most toxic ones. It can be extremely challenging to see what is best for us when we are emotionally invested in another human being. No matter how trying and dysfunctional things may become, for the most part, we feel that it is less difficult to stay and endure the pain than to potentially lose the person we care about forever. Further, it is extraordinarily hard to face the idea that some people cannot and will not change, grow, or “get better.” However, it is actually the most loving thing we can do for ourselves, and those we care about, to take the space we need—be it for an hour or forever.  For those of you who aren’t sure if you are in a toxic relationship, consider this list of 10 signs that it’s time to leave an unhealthy situation. 

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5 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

It is much easier to examine our lives and distinguish some of the larger, more blatant things that aren't going "right." When we lose our jobs, struggle in school, break up with our significant others, and so on, it is more difficult to see the smaller, seemingly insignificant things that we may be doing that manifested those situations. The way we treat ourselves, the way we interact with others, and the way we maneuver through life are ultimately what dictates our circumstances. Here are five harmful habits to break today to help you create a happier, more fulfilling tomorrow. 

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7 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Do you have a difficult time falling or staying asleep? You are not alone. Although some time call it involuntary, allowing ourselves to experience a restful night’s sleep is perhaps the ultimate form of self-care. Getting proper sleep is extremely important for our physical health. When we are asleep, our bodies quickly get to work healing and repairing our heart and blood vessels. As we experience rest, we support healthy brain function, invest in strengthening our memories, and prepare our minds for the day to come. Consider this: a solid night's sleep builds immunity, reduces chronic pain, boosts metabolism, and decreases stress, as well as chances of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances. Not for nothing, but according to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, up to 26% of people say that their sex lives tend to suffer because they're just too tired…You do the math. 

To help you experience more restful and serene sleep, here are 7 tips that you can begin to incorporate into your life today!

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Honoring Our Daydreams: Self Care Through the Acceptance of Divine Guidance

Within the first or second session I have with my spiritual coaching clients, they almost always divulge inspired and intriguing daydreams they have about their daily lives, as well as their overall goals and desires. They then often follow up those exciting and divine thoughts by labeling them as “too big”, “too outlandish” or plainly “improbable.” What I hear when they say that is a lack of confidence, which prevents them from exploring the infinite possibilities and potentials awaiting them. What they are discrediting is the meeting point of imagination and intuition: a magical and mystical part of us all that allows us to be open-minded, explore new ideas, and experience inspiration. That same enchanted part of us is capable of powerfully manifesting abundance and blessings into our lives

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Self Care Anywhere: 6 Tips to Fight Burn Out at Work or School

Well, babes, as we head into the middle of our week, it is a good time to remember that self- care extends to our working lives, as well as our personal time. We spend a minimum of 1/3 to 1/2 of our day in work mode. Even if we love what we do, it can take a toll on our hearts, minds, and bodies. Many of us hold the belief that self-care is a time-consuming frivolity that requires effort and energy that we just *can’t* spare. However, it does not have to be impeding to be effective. We can sneak self-care into our day in short yet potent bursts! 

Here is a list of 6 things you can do at your desk in your office or dorm, at a table in the library, or even while you are stuck in traffic to help lift your mood, regain your focus, and reduce emotional and physical stress from a hard day of work. 

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8 Ways to Improve the Energy of Your Living Space and Bring Balance to Your Home

A significant part of self care is centered around maintaing your living and work environments. We discussed earlier this month the importance of managing your affairs and keeping your paperwork in order. Although organization is a key component in a high-functioning and peaceful environment, there is much more to creating and maintaining a happy and inspiring space for yourself (and your loved ones). Here are 8 tips on how to improve the energy of your home and create a space that is beneficial for all of your senses! 

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Self Love Through Laughter: The Significance of Laughter on Mind, Body, and Spirit

So far this month, we have delved pretty deeply into the underlying causes hidden away within ourselves that prevent us from consistently participating in self-care. What we have essentially discovered is that at the bottom of everything, it is about our sense of self-worth--however that was formed or created. As a result, it seems as though the only way to overcome these ingrained beliefs is through serious emotional work, reflection, and introspection. However, constantly grappling with our innermost thoughts and attempting to "unlearn" patterns, beliefs, and behaviors can be truly exhausting. Tirelessly examining ourselves under an emotional microscope may not be the answer.

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Saying 'No': Honoring Your Boundaries as a Form of Self Care

Let's face it, no matter who you are, it is tough to say no. The idea of turning down an offer or an opportunity immediately brings up fears or concerns in us of hurting people, letting them down, feeling left out, or missing some kind of chance that we believe may never come around again. However, there are times when we must lovingly assert ourselves and choose our own well-being, time, and energy over the needs and want of others. Read more to learn about the importance of asserting ourselves and saying "no" as a form of self care. 

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