What IS Reiki?



What is Reiki?


Even if you are not what some consider a “spiritual” person, or are not familiar with alternative healing modalities, odds are that you have at least heard the word Reiki before. You consider yourself to be a granola-crunching free spirit, but are still unclear on what Reiki is exactly? You are most definitely not alone. Fear not! You no longer have to look like a New Age neophyte. I am here to help!


The Basics

Reiki is an ancient healing art originating in Japan, that now has roots throughout the world. It was rediscovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui, who would go on to develop the technique that would be passed down to his students, and eventually, brought to our Western Culture.


The term itself is composed of two words: “Rei” meaning a Higher Knowing or Intelligence, and “ki”, meaning chi, (also spelled qi), meaning the life force energy that flows within and without everything. The act of Reikiis when this life force energy is being guided by God, or a Greater Intelligence.


The “Deeper” Explanation

In the simplest terms, it is Universal Love. It is the unconditional, unbiased, all-encompassing love from Spirit. Reiki is much greater than we can begin to comprehend, and therefore knows no religion, and is a modality open to any person of any spiritual or religious practice. It cares for Everything because it is Everything. We are a part of it, just as much as it is a part of us.


Who Can Do Reiki?

In all honesty, I believe that this answer might vary depending upon who you are asking. Some may say that any one can perform Reiki. Others might say that only the highest masters have truly cultivated this skill and can effectively perform Reiki. In my opinion, anyone has the power to do Reiki and can—-with the right intentions! That being said, I personally chose to complete my master level certification so that I could understand this precious art form in a profound and intimate way, and so that I could ensure that I would become the best practitioner I possibly could be. However, training does not a master make, just like with anything else. You have to feel that you are a channel of loving light, and hold the intention of healing the being that you are working on, be it another human, an animal, or even yourself. 


How Does it Work?

Reiki is generally administered to a patient by the placement of the practitioners hands on the body, more commonly along the seven main chakras. This allows the energy that has become stuck (known as blockages) to begin to move more freely, restoring balance throughout. These blockages occur when we have negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves or another person and are mostly the result of something that has occurred at some point in our lives (this or a previous life!). It is inevitably our beliefs that create the reality we experience; not just with our physical health, but in all other areas of life.


Reiki is not simply limited to the physical and has the power to heal all of ourselves; the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of who we are. It is important to understand that we are not simply physical beings if we wish to be completely healed in our lives, and that we only limit our ability to heal while being so focused on the physical problem.


Each practitioner will have their own method of giving Reiki. Some, like myself, use crystals in order to magnify the energy during the session. Others will use pendulums to visually identify where imbalances are occurring. Others still will use crystal singing bowls or other sound healing tools to identify areas in need of treatment. No matter the method, the energy derives from the same source and heals the afflicted area in the same manner.

All in All...

If you are open to its power, Reiki healing can revolutionize your entire existence. It can help you in all aspects of your life; from your relationships to finding that perfect job – and it doesn’t stop there. Because it occurs on the deepest level, needing no effort on the part of the recipient, it can unlock and unblock even the most seemingly insurmountable mental, emotional, and physical hindrances held in our beings. This heals your life from the inside out. Once your energy is properly flowing, you are open to infinite possibilities that had not presented themselves before.

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