Guest Blog: Education as a Form of Self Care by Natalie Santizo

Social capital is your toolbox for success. In it you will find things such as income, language, skills, etc. that will help you become successful. In this toolbox you will also find education. The more tools you have, the greater ease you will have in navigating this complex world. You might even fix some of our societal problems with your tools. Having a good toolbox is hardly our choice: it is given to you. As we grow older, we might acquire new tools, but some people have more advantages than others. Likewise, some people's toolbox might be empty. But the tool we can almost always count on is education.

Education is seen as the gateway to creation, innovation, and technology. Without education, we aren't able to advance human society as we know it. Without education we would not have computers, books, world trade centers, etc. The list goes on and on. Today's self care September challenges you to re-envision education and success.

Education does not have to be linear. You don't have to attend the best ranked school, study business, or become an executive in order to feel proud of yourself. The power of education lies within. We find power in education because we can control what we learn, what we choose to internalize, and what we do to improve ourselves and society. Don't get me wrong, a lot of what we are taught in the public school system has traces of colonialism, and Eurocentric ideals. However, we have the power of choice and the power of critical thinking to see past these problems and begin creating solutions...

We often go to college, graduate, and become lost... We lose ourselves, succumbing to society's definition of "success." Today, I challenge you to re-envision success within yourself, and critically think about your education and its purpose in your path to success.

First, think about your education at the macro level. Don't be consumed by the micro (i.e this class gave me a B). Think about three things you have learned. It can be specific or general. (Here are two things I have recently learned: I learned about Native American & African American intimate relationships and how that reproduced notions of race and sexism that are still deeply embedded into American society today. Or I have learned that education allows us to bring about social change.) Think about those three items, and think about how you can redefine "success" for yourself by using education. How can you incorporate what you have learned into your everyday? Into your work environment?

I'll give you an example.

I have learned that society's definition of "success" will not affect how I feel about myself. In turn this can become an affirmation... American notions of "success" will not affect my belief in myself.

I am successful, I am happy, I am loved.

Now, I want you to critically think about your education. How will you use it to better improve human society? How will you work towards impacting change in your world?

Are you learning about aromatherapy? Will you create your business of aromatherapy and help people in need? Yes. Yes. And now... think about how you will equate this success and inject it into American society. Huh?

I'm challenging you to match the good Karma you have been given. If your business flourishes, think about how you can contribute to people in need. Offer a free workshop on aromatherapy, focusing on people who might not know about this practice, or who are too poor to afford your service. Host a workshop at a local school. Offer a free session to a friend. Do not think about personal gains, think about your blessed path, brought about by education, and put in positive energy into the world. Trust me, we need it.

Education is important. Value it. Internalize it. Evaluate it. Put it out into the universe.

Have a blessed day,


Natalie Santizo graduated from USC in 2014 with her Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently at ASU completing a Masters in Justice Studies and hopes to apply to doctorate programs. When she isn’t in devoting her time to her studies, research, or work, she loves to explore the hippest spots in Phoenix, adventure through nature, and discover new places to eat. Make sure to checkout her instagram account @natali_santi for info on her blog & some seriously rad photos. 

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