Honoring Our Daydreams: Self Care Through the Acceptance of Divine Guidance


Within the first or second session I have with my spiritual coaching clients, they almost always divulge inspired and intriguing daydreams they have about their daily lives, as well as their overall goals and desires. They then often follow up those exciting and divine thoughts by labeling them as “too big”, “too outlandish” or plainly “improbable.” What I hear when they say that is a lack of confidence, which prevents them from exploring the infinite possibilities and potentials awaiting them. What they are discrediting is the meeting point of imagination and intuition: a magical and mystical part of us all that allows us to be open-minded, explore new ideas, and experience inspiration. That same enchanted part of us is capable of powerfully manifesting abundance and blessings into our lives

When we abandon this piece of our being, we are essentially shutting off our crown chakra—one of our 7 spiritual energy centers. Our crown chakra, located at the top of our heads, is where we download messages from Spirit, connect to divine wisdom, and, perhaps most exciting, uncover clues toward fulfilling our purpose. By making a conscious decision to ignore the divine guidance we receive through our daydreams, we reject the blessings awaiting us from the Universe. When we shut off our crown chakra in order to make room for “logical and pragmatic” approaches to achieving our goals, we are only harming our chances of actualizing anything we desire. Of course it is important to consider the logistics of that which we hope and work for, but we require an equal portion of inspired and “out of the box” ideas to help us find resourceful and inventive solutions to any obstacles we may face on our path to success

How do we know when our thoughts are being received through our crown chakra? We know because they are usually the thoughts that both ignite and intimidate us. They are the thoughts that spark a fire in our hearts or a complete sense of serenity and fulfillment. They are our secret wishes that we are too afraid to share with others, out of fear of judgment or discouragement. But these thoughts are not meant to be tucked away deep inside our souls, never to see the light of day. Just the opposite. We care for ourselves when we allow ourselves the freedom to daydream. Further, when we let these thoughts out into the open by sharing them with others or striving to achieve them, we unknowingly accomplish three important things: 

  1. We acknowledge that we are worthy of greatness. 
  2. We acknowledge that our divinely guided thoughts are part of a larger Universal plan, and experience our place in oneness.
  3. We pave the way for others to explore and pursue their purpose and passion. 


I ask that today, we not only embrace and honor our daydreams, but that we care for ourselves by making an extra effort to awaken our crown chakras and broaden our imaginations. Today, I sat in meditative prayer, surrounded by Clear Quartz and Amethyst stones, aligning my crown chakra and third eye chakra, to help me to receive and see divine guidance clearly. You can choose to take a less spiritual approach. Try coloring, journaling, or simply visualizing your favorite place in your mind's eye. Go for a walk, listen to music, or visit someplce you've never been before. Try telling your child (or pet!) a whimsical and fantastic tale that you weave just for them! Allow yourself to create something from your inner being. Better yet, ask a child to help you think of an activity to help awaken your imagination


Today's Affirmation

"I honor and accept my daydreams as blessed and divine guidance from the Universe. My daydreams and imagination are fertile ground in which I tend to and care for my deepest desires and aspirations, helping to manifest them into a fully-grown, blossoming reality."


I truly believe in YOU and your ability to receive and achieve the inspirations you are blessed with through your daydreams and active imagination. I hope you believe in you, too. Namaste. xo

Zoey GrecoComment