Self Care Through Pronoia

The Inspiration

Today was not quite what I would call a "good day". In fact, a few weeks ago I might have even called it a crumby day...but not anymore! I have adopted a new way of looking at things that has become a huge part of my self care practice, and I would love to share it with you. 

Several weeks ago, I learned a new word that forever changed my life, and that word is: "Pronoia". While not a dictionary-official word, pronoia is defined as "the belief that everything in the Universe is conspiring to support you." When you begin to subscribe to the mindset of pronoia, even the worst moments, thoughts, or events begin to feel like blessings in disguise! Surrendering to the idea that there is an entire energetic realm of loving beings guiding your every move and conspiring in your favor can instantly alleviate stress and enable you to relinquish the illusion of having control over that which you truly do not. By believing that the Universe is working for your best interest, that job you didn't land or that car accident you just had are not losses, but rather possibilities that made room for even better opportunities and outcomes!  

So how can we apply this to our daily lives, and how is it relevant to self care? Well, I'll give you an example that ties perfectly into today's self care action---creative expression! After receiving some "bad" news  today that was followed by some fairly harsh criticism, my immediate reaction was hide away in bed and throw myself a private pity party, to which the only other guests would be my dog and a big bowl of ice cream. Once I let myself indulge in that thought for about 5 minutes, I felt completely out of alignment with my true self, and knew that it was not the solution to my "bad" day.


What I did today

Instead, I grabbed my trusty ukulele and played myself a little pity-free-ditty. With the concept of pronoia in mind, I thought of the song "Bright" by Echosmith. In case you aren't familiar with this tune, the singer affirms in the very first line that she "think[s] the Universe is on [her] side." BINGO! Exactly where I needed to take my focus! Not only did allowing myself the time for creative expression lift my spirits, but I also used this as an opportunity to magnify my message for manifestation. Music is a powerful ally on our spiritual path, part of the invisible realm, helping our energy to vibrate at a higher frequency. I know that when I want to manifest something rapidly, turning it into song is the best place to start. You can watch my cover of this song by following this link! (click the word "link")

While music is my personal form of creative expression, your self care can take on a totally different style! Not a musician? Sing along to your go-to feel-good song in the privacy of your home, car, or even shower! Try your hand at a visual art like painting, drawing or sculpture. Maybe fashion or interior design is your creative outlet. Not your scene? No problem! Dance it out instead. Stretch through the stress by doing some yoga. Journal. Write poetry. Garden. Create a crystal grid. Play a sport, or try working out. Creativity and the movement of energy takes on all forms, with each method just as perfect and potent as the rest! If you are not familiar with your personal brand of creative expression yet, worry not! You are most definitely not alone! Check out this article on the different types of creative intelligence and see if anything resonates with you, here. (click the word "here")

Just as you nourish your body with wholesome food, proper sleep, and vigorous exercise, expression and play are equally important pieces of a whole individual who practices self care, as they act as nourishment for the soul. Creative expression begins with the inspiration of our hearts and becomes a physical manifestation of our inner most selves. When we allow ourselves to feel free to express our most authentic selves with the world, we give ourselves permission to know and love our true essence. 

Hm, feeling safe to express my true self AND believing that the Universe is conspiring for its greatest and highest good? Don't mind if I do!


Today's affirmation

 "An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me. Divine inspiration and expression bless every day of my life and I embrace this blessing with an open heart and an open mind.  I  care for my inner most self through my creative activity and express to the world my highest potential."


Since I shared a snippet of my music, I would LOVE to see some of your creative expressions in the comments section. After all, you are a divine and magical being and we all benefit from knowing YOUR true self! Share on, babes, and know that you are worthy of care, freedom of expression, and MANY other beautiful blessings! Namaste. xo

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