5 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

It is much easier to examine our lives and distinguish some of the larger, more blatant things that aren't going "right." When we lose our jobs, struggle in school, break up with our significant others, and so on, it is more difficult to see the smaller, seemingly insignificant things that we may be doing that manifested those situations. The way we treat ourselves, the way we interact with others, and the way we maneuver through life are ultimately what dictates our circumstances. Here are five harmful habits to break today to help you create a happier, more fulfilling tomorrow. 


1. Stop holding onto the past

Living in the past keeps us stuck in our stories. What does this mean? It's as though we are watching a sad movie with an unhappy ending day after day in our minds. This means that we constantly relive our most difficult times and experiences, making us unable to fully occupy the present moment or invest in a fulfilling future. By allowing our focus to remain on past experiences, we perpetuate a state of victimhood and keep ourselves idle--sitting uncomfortably in agonizing memories of days gone by. It is pivotal to our own wellbeing that we abandon grudges, forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes, and decide to take control of our lives in the present to build the future we desire. By the same token, if we are living in the glory days of yesteryear, believing that all of the greatness we are capable of is a thing of the past, we deny ourselves the possibility and potential of exceeding expectations and living a gratifying existence. 


2. Stop following the path of least resistance

When we constantly take the easy way out, we may think that we are saving ourselves time and trouble. In reality, we are simply robbing ourselves of growth, progress, and transformative experiences that can shape us for the better. This doesn't mean that we must always take the longest route or make the most difficult choice for the sake of doing such. Rather, it means that when we are faced with a diverging path, choosing to work a little harder for what we want will provide us with more benefits, blessings, and abundance. If nothing else, we show ourselves that we believe in ourselves enough to accept a challenge and work hard toward the live we desire. 


3. Stop giving up too soon

This one is very much connected to the last. Not allowing ourselves the time that it may take to achieve that which we desire, no matter how big or small it may be, is a harmful behavior...not just to you, but potentially our global community. On a personal level, by ceasing our efforts at the first sign of resistance, we tell ourselves that we are not capable, competent, or worthy of meeting our goals. If encouragement is not falling from the sky (as it is not often wont to do), we must be our own source of confidence. The end result will be all the sweeter because it came at such a price. On a larger scale, we never truly know what we may have added to the Universe by persevering through obstructions. What if Ghandi had said "Nah, this is too hard"? Just think about that! 


4. Stop comparing yourself to others

A jealous heart is our least helpful ally in manifesting and creating the life we desire. When we constantly compare ourselves to others, be it physically, financially, or socially, we are only adding negative energy to our environment and poisoning ourselves with envy. When we view things as outside of our life circumstances (i.e. "she has such a nice life" "she has such a great relationship" etc) we energetically push the possibility of those things farther and farther away from us. Each envious thought we have is a negative affirmation about our lives, which only further manifests that which we do NOT desire. We must add positive energy to the world and the lives of others by celebrating their blessings, accomplishments, and successes. This helps us build better relationships with others and forge a strong relationship of co-creation with the Universe.  


5. Stop seeking happiness outside of yourself

Happy people know that happiness is a conscious choice, one which does not depend on their current circumstances. For most of us, whether we are attempting to fill our homes with beautiful things, buy fancy cars, land a dream job, find the love of our lives, or simply gain the approval of those in our lives, we as humans have developed a habit of looking all around us for things to complete us and bring is satisfaction. The harsh truth is that none of those things, or anything else for that matter, can bring happiness to a person who doesn't already love, cherish, and find joy with themselves.  Much, much, much easier said than done...but every effort that we make eventually leads us to a stress-free existence of gratitude, humility, and contentment. When we are at peace in ourselves, so too is our world. 


Today's Affirmation

"I work in unison with the Universe and my higher self to reach the greatest and highest good of myself and others. Everyday I grow and change, becoming my best self and move closer toward a life of complete fulfillment."


Decide TODAY, blessed babes, to love yourself enough to get out of your own way!! You are deserving and divine, capable and worthy of ALL things good. Namaste. xo

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