4 Things Every Sensitive Person Should Avoid

If I had a nickel for every time someone in my life called me "too sensitive," my bank account would put Donald Trump's to shame. Do I wish that I had more "control" over my emotions? Sure, at times. I mean, it would be nice not to cry every time I watch an episode of Undercover Boss, or see a youtube video about a dog welcoming their human home after years overseas. It would be convenient not to feel each high and low of my life sooooooo deeply to the very center of my being. However, I believe that Spirit has bestowed me with the the powerful responsibility of heightened sensitivity...and I am not alone.

Without people who feel things "too deeply", I firmly believe that the world would be a much colder place...more grey, and less alive. I'm intensely and immensely grateful that I am able to feel things profoundly to my core, and I am grateful for the creativity and power that flows from the empathy and sensitivity that I house in my heart. I know that there are MANY people out there like myself, and I am grateful for you as well!

You know who you are. Together, we are an army of empaths--individuals who have been blessed with the honor of being finely tuned emotional instruments. We. Feel. EVERYTHING. Sometimes to an extreme (oh well!). We are also far less likely than our left-brain dominant fellow beings to intellectualize or rationalize our feelings. Our intuitions are the filters through which we experience the world around us and the foundation from which we make our most important decisions. We are natural givers, reluctant receivers, and innate nurturers. Every experience we have is visceral.

Alas, this world was not designed for us. To honor our kind and celebrate your sweet soul, sensitive one, I have created this list as a gentle reminder of things to avoid to protect your being. Perhaps some of these are things that you already feel unfavorably towards. That's good! Honor your knowing and move forward toward things that create space and peace for you to be YOU!


1. Alcohol, Drugs, and Cigarettes

This one may seem blatantly obvious, but we all like to partake in a vice such as these now and again. Although I cannot personally say that recreational drug use or cigarettes have ever been a part of my life, I know many people for whom it has. A large number of those individuals are also sensitive people and empaths. I was never been able to reconcile the use of substances by sensitive beings...until I had my own experience. One time in college I became so overwhelmed that at the suggestion of a friend, I turned to alcohol to drown out my upset. BIG MISTAKE. I was of age and had had alcohol before in social settings, but NEVER before had I tried to ease a pain through drinking. Instead of experiencing any sort of relief, my feelings were magnified and distorted in a really negative way. We are already so physically delicate, why fill our beings with substances that destroy our bodies and warp our minds? As empaths, WE ALREADY SEE CLEARLY. We don't need drugs or alcohol to help us find our way. Any experience we have with substances is a false reality that brings us farther from health, well-being, our authentic selves, and most importantly, Spirit. Call me boring, but I stand by this one. 


2. Synthetic Medications and Processed Foods

Your body is a precious vessel crafted with the utmost care by Spirit. Just as the Earth and Universe were divinely designed, so too were our human forms...and they were designed to harmoniously interact with one another in their purest form. What does this mean? It means that any nutrients we seek or need MUST be harvested from the Earth and ingested as close to its natural state as possible. Your body was not designed to mingle with GMO's, chemicals, and synthetic or manmade substances. The same goes for medications. In the immortal words of Hippocrates, "Let thy food by thy medicine!" Any remedy you seek for almost any ailment can be grown in your own backyard and processed as little as possible for your health and consumption. Sensitive individuals are even more keenly aware than most to the effects of medications and highly processed foods on their mighty yet delicate systems. Honor your body by feeding it and treating it with the gifts that Mother Earth and Spirit have provided us in the form of healthful, organic whole foods, herbal remedies, clear water, and essential oils


3. Rowdy Groups and Large Crowds

Don't get me wrong...when the vibe is right, we thrive surrounded by our tribe! However, loud and crazy concerts where everyone is jumping and thrashing about is not the best scene for us. The mall around the holidays? Forget about it! Even the grocery store on a regular day freaks us out! Sensory overload! The hard truth is, we each live in a world with 6,999,999,999 other people, so there are inevitably going to be times that we HAVE to be around people, and occasionally even large groups. When we are unable to avoid these kinds of scenes, it is extremely important for us to ground and shield ourselves. We really flourish in the comfort of a few close relationships with people who "get" us...smattered with spurts of hermiting and alone time! It is essential that we make time to recenter, recharge, and find our footing through some quality time with numero uno--ourselves! 


4. Violent Media

Somewhere in my late teen years, like many other people my age, Law and Order: SVU, Family Guy, and South Park became my favorite shows. Around that same time, the boy I was dating was totally addicted to scary movies and heavy metal (embarrassing confession), so I had pretty consistent exposure to that material as well. At the time, my mother used to constantly "nag" at me (sorry mom) about exposing myself to such violent and unkind programming. I didn't really pay attention to what she said (again, sorry mom), and continued to fill my brain with racially charged jokes, homophobic content, violence, blood, and gore. In retrospect, I can now see that (my mom was right, and) a lot of the emotional issues I was dealing with at the time were exacerbated by the jarring effect that intake had on my psyche. Yes, it is all pretend and people work very hard on those creative expressions and programs. I honor that. And for some people, that kind of media is totally not an issue. I personally have come to believe that for sensitive beings like myself, although the impacts may not be obvious, that we store what we take in deeply in the spaces between our veins and imprint our absorption into our souls. Therefore, we must be extremely careful and selective about what we allow inside our beings. 


Today's Affirmation

"I honor my sensitive self. I am grateful for my heightened sensitivities and know that I have been blessed with this responsibility so that I may bless others with my divine light."


I love YOU just the way you are! You are divine and deserving of all things good. Don't change a thing, babe. Namaste. xo

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