Developing a Personal Ceremony: Cutting Energetic Cords

As human beings, we are naturally inclined to form attachments to people, places, and things that we cross paths with in our lives. We fall madly in love with reflections of ourselves and with sparks of divinity that the Universe meticulously interjects into our journeys. We become entangled and intertwined, consumed in the utter mess that is human connection. Attachments take many forms, but no matter how they manifest, they reside somewhere inside of us, imprinted on our beings, and they reappear unexpectedly, without permission. Your ex-lover's favorite song, a familiar smell, a sudden flash of a place you once were and the person you used to be...simple things that pull us back toward things we think we have released that are in fact holding onto us. The people come and go, we move from one city to another, we lose the things we hold dear. Sometimes we suffer something so traumatic and tremendous that we become an emotional slave to its memory. The evidence of the connection dissipates, but the energy of that bond lingers inside of us, grasping tightly to our heart strings, unwilling to let go. 

I know this pain all too well. Several months ago, in a dream, someone who used to be a pivotal part of my life came to visit me in my sleep, and to remind me that they still occupy space in my spirit and subconscious mind. I awoke feeling as though someone's fist had been thrust deep into my they had eviscerated and disemboweled me, and left my weakness carelessly sprawled on the floor. "I let you go long ago. What are you doing here? You have no right!" I whimpered, half to myself and half to this ghost. I became embarrassed in front of myself, to know that I was caught up in the agglutinative web of a spider I thought I had long since escaped from. 

Though that imagery is vivid, the person I am speaking of was not evil, malicious, or even unkind. He was just a boy that I loved, that became a stranger to me. A boy who hurt me. He is someone I had tried to forget long before my career as an energy worker began. It occurred to me then that I had pushed him down so deeply in my body to forget him, that he was now living inside me, like a parasite curling his way around my organs. I had never gone back with my acquired skills and cleared out the energy remaining from our connection. In a way, I was then able to regain control and recognize my part in keeping that energy alive inside of me. I was holding on and stuffing it deeply inside me so that I could stay connected to that person in some way. I was not a victim of that energy, I was the keeper. In that knowledge, I had both the power and freedom to release it for good. I thanked the ghost for our divine appointment and for being present to help me recognize that it was time to let go. 

There are several ways to disconnect energetically from attachments that no longer serve your soul, many of which would be easy enough to outline for you here. However, I believe that just as our attachments and connections were formed through an intimate relationship to another entity, so too should the severing of those ties be done in a way that is authentic and unique to you. The truth is, that the intention to separate in and of itself is the basis of the work, and the expression through which it is performed is less significant. 

Write a letter and burn it. Receive Polarity or Reiki sessions. Clear your energy with crystals like Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Selenite. Walk into the ocean and leave it behind to be carried away into the vastness by the waves. Sing to the Moon and ask Her to take your anguish away with the tides. Tell a stone your story and drop it over a cliff into cleansing waters. Ask Mother Earth to turn your tears into water to grow something beautiful. No matter how you choose to do it, the work is half done, because you have chosen already to renew the way you relate to that experience.

Do this work not just with the people who have come and gone in your life, but with the beliefs, ideas, patterns, and behaviors that you are restricted by. Severe ties from all things that do not serve your Highest and Greatest good. Do so daily. I cannot stress that enough. Develop ceremonies both big and small that resonate with your inner being and represent your personal expression of detachment. In doing so, you make room for things that will be truly fulfilling and honor all of the worthiness of divinity within you. 

Today's Affirmation
"I hereby severe and release any and all cords to things that no longer represent or serve my greatest and highest good. I am free and clear of all energy and attachments to things that are not in my best interest, and I am aligned with divine energy to receive blessings."

May you make room for things that are great, by fully releasing things that were good. You deserve the best, blessed babe. Namaste. xo 

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