30 Days Later: The 7 Most Important Aspects of Self Care

Well here we are, babes. September 30th, the final day of #SelfCareSeptember.

I find that I am both inspired and tired from this endeavor...exhilarated and exhausted. Daily blogging, as you can probably imagine, has been quite an undertaking. I would be lying if I said that I did not actually forgo self care some days in order to facilitate my posts. However, the insights I have gained and the renewed relationship with myself that has resulted both from my commitment to my wellbeing and to my work have been more than transformative.

I thought long and hard about how to conclude this brief yet poignant chapter in my life, and honor the journey that we have taken together. After much deliberation, I have chosen to complete this challenge by revisiting the posts I have shared, and compiling the things I consider to be the most prominent aspects of self care into one cohesive list. Rather than highlighting the activities themselves, I have decided to focus on the less tangible components that we must give great attention to in order to propel us forward into a truly powerful self care practice. So, without further adieu, Here are the 7 things that I have distinguished as being the most important aspects of practicing self care based on my 30 day self care journey. 

1. Planning and Scheduling

This one is pretty important. It's kind of like creating a bomb shelter...only less ridiculous. Remember my story about getting a ticket? Keeping track of bills, deadlines, due dates, and so on protects us from stressful or problematic situations in the future. Further, designating time self care in our day makes it impossible to neglect. By implementing scheduled routines and rituals as a part of our day, we automatically build a practice that lends itself to our sense of worth and our overall wellbeing. This one may seem silly, but honestly, you will thank yourself when you don't suddenly have a $85/month internet bill because you let your contract expire (thank you, Centurylink...)

2. Spontaneity

Why yes, this IS the exact opposite of the previous point...however, it is just as significant! It is imperative that we maintain a balance of preparedness with spontaneity. We must allow ourselves room to flow with life from moment to moment. While it is important to create and carve out special time to treat ourselves well, we must also nourish our souls by letting our imaginations run away with us and acting on a whim occasssionally. Spontaneity is spurred by our intuitive sense that something may feel good or bring us happiness, and we must submit to those instincts every now and again. 

3. Flexibility and Resilience

On a related vein, self care requires an ability to roll with the punches. We may make plans and create schedules...and those things may very well fall apart. Sometimes no matter what kinds of precautions we take, we are going to encounter some turbulence. We may not achieve all that we hope to in a given day, and part of self care is believing that that is okay. The ability to accept and adapt to our circumstances in any given moment is what allows us freedom from harsh judgements and expectations that we may have for ourselves or others. 

4. Commitment

Self care is work. Plain and simple. And, things that are hard work require dedication and commitment. We began this journey by making an active effort to choose self care and to commit to ourselves and our wellbeing for at the the following 30 days. That is a significant start! But just as we commit ourselves to a job, a goal, or another human being, we must commit to ourselves. We must make a vow to our higher self to make conscious strides to help us reach our full potential and fulfill our divine purpose--to be happy. 

5. Faith and Trust

This particular nuance is two-fold. Self care calls upon a deep and unabiding faith within us in ourselves and in something greater. In order to fully own and embody a sense of worthiness, we must connect to the idea that we are a part of divine oneness--- a pseudo-separate spark of the Universe that is comprised of love and worthy of all things good. We must be able to trust in the plan that the Universe has for us, and find comfort during difficult times in the knowing that each and every thing that we face is ultimately for our greatest and highest good. Beyond that, we must have faith in the fact that we are capable of caring for our divine selves, and trust that we will do everything in our power to do so. 

6. Courage

This work is bigger than bubble baths with aromatherapy candles, or letting yourself have that piece of cake you've been craving. This work takes guts. And it takes heart. It takes everything you have to face the things that hold you back from knowing that you are worthy of all things good. It is a brave thing to embrace blessings with an open heart, and to decide to accept yourself as you are. 

7. Balance

Self care is a multifaceted practice that involves the many dimensions of ourselves. We must balance the attention and care that we provide between our mind, body, and spirit. It is not enough to simply eat well alone, or to only meditate, and so on. Whether it is time for ourselves or time spent in service to our brothers and sisters, each piece of our self care regimen must compliment the others to provide a well-rounded path to wellbeing.  


Today's Affirmation
"I choose to be kind to myself today, and act in a way that serves my greatest and highest good in all ways—mental, emotional, and physical. I choose to love and care for myself so that I may fulfill my divine purpose--to love and be loved, to be joyful and spread joy."

And so it is, blessed babes. YOU are a divine and deserving creature, created with love and care with a unique and special purpose, capable of anything and everything. I believe in you. Namaste. xo

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