Organization as Self Care

Okay, babes, let’s switch gears

I am not sure why, but I have always believed that only bad news comes in the post. As a result, I tend not to check it. I allow myself to feel intimidated by certain tasks like paying bills, managing finances, renewing my vehicle registration, etc., and try as I might to contain that activity online, some things simply must arrive by post. Maybe this is an issue for all millennials since we are so conditioned to conduct our business on digital media, but I am TERRIBLE about sorting my mail and dealing with my paperwork. Like, truly awful. Despite the fact that I am excessively orderly regarding my emails, texts, phone calls, and social media correspondence, my actual post goes unchecked for days at a time—perhaps an entire week— and is abandoned in an orderly stack on my desk. This often leads to unpaid bills and important tasks going undone.

Here is a quick example of why that is a poor way to manage your affairs, although I’m sure it’s obvious. Several months after moving here to Arizona, I was pulled over for “rolling through a stop sign” (which I deny doing, but that is besides the point). When the officer approached my car, he asked to see my license, registration, and proof of insurance. Well, I still had a Connecticut driver’s license, a California license plate on my car with expired California registration, and my insurance card was somewhere on my desk in an unopened envelope. Knowing that, I swallowed hard and meekly informed the officer of my….situation. I will never forget this: he literally *rolled his eyes at me* (much deserved) and said “I wanted to just give you a warning, but you are kind of a mess. I have no choice, I HAVE to give you a ticket.” I told him that I understood, thanked him for his service, and then silently thanked the Universe for the lesson. Several weeks later, I missed work to appear in court and pitifully explain to a judge how negligent and short-sighted I had been, and presented him with all of my proper paperwork. Although most of the charges were dropped, I still had to pay a hefty fine. All of that simply because I was too afraid—and let’s face it, lazy— to deal with my mail.

But it’s not really just mail, is it? Ahhhhhh, here we go. The real issue. See? I wouldn’t let you just read about not sorting your paperwork, silly goose. Yes, part of being an individual that practices balanced and effective self care, is keeping yourself organized and protecting yourself against future stressors by taking care of your business…but it’s also much more than that. We must ask ourselves what habits we hold onto that hold us back from being the most successful, confident, and capable version of ourselves. I have found mine. 


What I did today

Today, I finally tackled my tedious stack of paperwork. What did I find? Expired coupons for things like free massages (ugh), unpaid medical bills that are probably wreaking havoc on my credit score (yikes), important documents that needed to be filled out and faxed back to people (is faxing still a thing?), updated information on my insurance policies, tons of junk mail, and even some thoughts and ideas I had jotted down that have since fallen to the wayside. Although I wouldn’t consider my home or desk to be “cluttered”, I definitely had been holding onto things that didn’t serve me. Beyond the physical pile I had accumulated, I also seemed to be collecting self doubt. 

For me, this stack represented my lack of faith in myself to handle basic adult responsibilities and my belief that I am not intelligent or capable enough to manage certain tasks. The growing pile of papers represented my growing belief that I am not adequate, or worthy of taking care of. Handling our affairs and doing the boring and mundane things we need to do to keep our lives in order is self care. Perhaps the habit you desire to change is not ignoring your mail, but I would bet money that there are similar ways in which you neglect yourself. Maybe you procrastinate on your work or school work, don’t return important phone calls, or avoid going to the doctor or dentist for your regular check ups. No matter the issue, it is imperative that we consult with our true selves and ask the question “Why do I really do this?” and begin from there to deconstruct the belief that has been bolstering this behavior. Let’s break the cycle today…together. 


Today’s Affirmation

“I care for myself by maintaining an organized and functional environment and by tending to my affairs in a timely and effective manner.” 


Just a reminder that you are a beautiful, divine spark of light, worthy of all things good. Now go take care of yourself!! Namaste. xo

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