Accepting Love as a Form of Self-Love

#SelfCareSeptember #Day8

If you have been reading all along during my journey this month, you know that I would argue that self love is the most important thing in our human existence. However, we are not solitary creatures. We live in a world brimming with other intelligent, insightful, passionate, compassionate, gifted, beautiful beings.

So why if we are surrounded by other light beings who can validate us and reflect us back to ourselves, is self love so important? Because loving ourselves is the key to being able to internalize what we receive from others and our ability to give love freely. It is the basis from which we are able to bless people with the gifts of loving us and being loved by us. To me, this is the most valuable exchange that can exist between beings. Loving ourselves is the means through which we can truly experience that. 

That being said, accepting the love of others is also vital for our happiness and success. We are like flowers. We must ground and root ourselves in the soil of self love, but we also need the rainy water of the human experience and the loving light of others to shine upon us in order to grow fully into our potential. It occurred to me today that in my journey for self love, I had turned my attention too far toward introspection, and I had disconnected from those who matter in my life…my family, tribe, community, and intimate relationships. Like a pendulum pulled back to one side, I had swung from one polar opposite to the other. I decided today to seek balance in the center. 



What I did today

In order to remind myself of all the love, kindness, and encouragement that I am blessed with, I decided to retrieve every card I have received and saved since Christmas time from around my home. As I uncovered each one from their hiding places or display spots, I was thrilled to relive the magical moment of when it first arrived and I devoured the words written by people who truly see and value me. Some were simple store bought Valentine’s, some were hand selected or crafted, some were cards to celebrate the anniversary of my birth, and others were notes to lift my spirits during a difficult time. 

As I sat with each one for several minutes, I recalled the phrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” I have manifested an awe-inspiring assortment of people into my life, who love and care for my being as I am. At my best and worst times. MY vibe attracted that, which made me love myself all the more. I am so humbled by the beings who love and honor my spirit as I honor theirs, and feel comfort in their acceptance and appreciation of my soul….and that is okay. It’s normal, healthy, and imperative to allow ourselves to feel and be loved by others. It is all a part of living a balanced and satisfying life. In order to continue the cycle of love, I have written and sent out three cards today to people who hold a special place in my heart. 

I encourage you today to revisit any cards, notes, messages, texts, voicemails, and emails that you might have somewhere that remind you of how loved you are. If you find that you have none, it is not because you did not receive any, but because you did not save them. If that is the case, start today by writing one to yourself, and make a conscious effort in the future to save anything you receive to look back on. Further, I encourage you to be the sender as well, and shed light on someone’s day.


Today's Affirmation

“My heart is open to giving and receiving love to myself and from myself, to others and from others. I see love in all of its manifestations and I celebrate my ability to contribute to the cycle of giving and receiving love.” 


You are worthy of love in all forms. Your unique brand of love is needed by the world. You are important and I love you. Namaste. xo

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