Intuitive Readings
Spiritual Coaching

The Merhipsy prefers to qualify her work as Spiritual Coaching rather than “psychic work,” because it is intended to empower you to move from where you are currently, into a space of deeper happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind. Through a heightened sense of intuition and the use of oracle and angel cards, specific messages are delivered from Universal energy beings and your Spirit Guides and Guardians to help you in all aspects of life. The Merhipsy specifically chooses not to speak with those who have passed on and strictly works with Angelic and Guardian energies.

These readings provide clarity and guidance on both the minutia, as well as discovering one’s passion and divine life purpose. The intention for these readings is to provide an interactive experience in which you are able to ask questions and receive the answers your soul is seeking. Through these readings you are able to internalize these messages, and discern important and appropriate action steps toward living a more gratifying life. 

Readings are offered solely by phone to clients all over the world. For your convenience, sessions are recorded and sent to you to be reviewed at your leisure.

45 min $144 | 30 min $99 | 15 min $54



Service Packages



E I G H T   |   S I X   |   F O U R   |   T H R E E

$400           $300         $200           $155



E I G H T   |   S I X   |   F O U R   |   T H R E E

$715           $555          $365         $280



E I G H T   |   S I X   |   F O U R   |   T H R E E

$1000        $805         $525         $425





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