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"I had a 30 minute reading with Zoey last night and she was absolutely amazing. She answered all of my questions- often times without my even asking. She was an absolute delight to spend time with and truly brought some clarity to some things I have been feeling and experiencing lately. I can not recommend her enough, and am so grateful for my experience with her."
Ashley T

"Zoey is an extremely talented healer. She is intuitive,compassionate, kind, and has helped me tremendously in times of urgency. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, help, and direction. She is a direct channel from source and her direction has been greatly valued multiple times in my life. Exquisitely beautiful human being inside and out."
-Taran E

"Zoey was simply incredible. Although we couldn't physically be together, we Facetimed for a 30 minute reading and it really felt just as impactful as an in-person session. She was straight-forward about her practice, kind in her guidance and constructive, all at once. She gets a sense of where your heart and head are at through Oracle cards and channels spirits to offer their wisdom and guidance based on your reading. It was as though she could see all of my inner-working thoughts that no one else has ever heard and laid them all out on the table, which is the best kind of validation you could want. She was clear, specific and full of warmth. If you're on the fence about any of this, you should hop right on over. She's seriously a guidance counselor for your soul. The real deal."
- Melody C

"WOW!  Where to begin?!  Well, I must say that my session with Zoey was not only extraordinary, but DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED! I am not even kidding when I say that it was THE CATALYST in shifting my career into HIGH GEAR.  The channeling Zoey received and delivered made so much sense to me - it confirmed years of private dialogue that I have NEVER shared with the world and her intuitive knowing hit on some very deep and profound TRUTHS that had to be stated to change everything into what it is now. I am BLOWN away by her ability to openly and authentically communicate on behalf of all that is and I am grateful for her transparent but tactful approach.  Clearly, this is one of her many gifts and she is using it for the greater good. I am so honored to have her as my full-time intuitive reader. SO BLESSED. YOU MUST SEE HER - It is an experience you just cant quite explain - nor can you go another day without it!"
Stevie P

Zoey is an amazing healer. My Reiki sessions leave me feeling soooo refreshed and revitalized. I walked away feeling like all the tension had been pulled out of my body. I can't remember the last time I had felt so relaxed. I would recommend her to anyone!"
- Ethan S

"I had the pleasure of meeting Zoey during a metaphysics gathering a while back in Phoenix, where she offered me a reading. I had never had a professional reading done before so I was a little nervous to say the least. However, her energy and aura was so soothing/calming to me that I felt pulled to have a reading done. All I have to say is wow. She looked me right in the eyes and saw something there that needed to be addressed even before pulling a card. I didn't tell her this but I had recently had a chakra aura photo taken and this specific thing she said to me was the EXACT same thing that came up during my chakra session. It literally had me in tears it was so moving that she picked up the energy from my chakras and was able to give me advice before even doing the reading. When she started the reading it just reaffirmed everything I knew to do and feel that I had been mulling over in my head about my career and life path. I left the session feeling lighter and more aligned with the universe. I can not thank her enough for what she shared with me. It was truly a life changing experience and I highly recommend her to anyone in the Phoenix area!!! I just wish I didn't live so far away otherwise I would be seeing her every week. She is a blessing to this world and her aura/energy is so incredibly vibrant."
- Kevin L

For my very first reading EVER! I was absolutely blown away. I've never felt more in touch with myself and the energy around me. Zoey has an incredible gift, and blends it magnificently with her wonderful personality, giving you an experience of a lifetime. If you're looking for a TRUE and positive experience, look no further."
- Eli I

"Zoey is the most in tune and talented person I know! Her guidance finally helped me get over something I was dealing with for months. I felt a MILLION times lighter when I left my session and that energy continued with me as the week went on. Sometimes it just takes a little lifting and then you are back on your feet:) I am grateful everyday for the experience I had with her and her impeccable expertise."
-Brooke W

"Zoey was absolutely phenomenal! I have had several readings in my life, but nothing like this one. She is such an amazing soul to connect with, I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance. I reached out to her looking for some clarity in my life and she definitely answered my questions. I will continue to see Zoey, So that I may continue on the right path with a little bit of her guidance. "
- Karen P

"I had the privilege to have a oracle tarot reading done by Zoey. I ended up walking away with more than I imagined. She had wonderful insights into my life that helped direct me on the path that I was meant to follow! Her intuition and gifts are beautiful complements to an already beautiful soul! Would recommend her to anyone!"
Spencer G

"Zoey is truly gifted! Her readings are dead on accurate and her reiki sessions always leave me feeling energetic and centered. I could not have done without her excellent advice and intuition these last few months. She is the real deal. I always leave her session feeling uplifted and peaceful!"
- Christi L

"It's difficult to put into words the potency of Zoey's medicine. It's other worldly. She has this way of connecting to source and relaying messages in a gentle, yet firm manner.  You are not just a client or money, you are important to her, and because she can so easily see you for YOU, she holds a safe space for you to just be. There is so much passion and love in her work that you can't help but come back for more! I've had many, many readings; trust me when I say that she is one of the BEST. After a session with her you will feel, uplifted, inspired, and most importantly, connected to your truth again. I love this magical Merhipsy creature!"
- Jenna B

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